Blatant Lies of Andhra Jyothi

Here one can find when KCR taken as Labour minister at Centre:

NDTV CorrespondentSaturday, November 27, 2004 (New Delhi):
Telangana Rashtriya Samiti chief Chandreshekhar Rao, who has been a Cabinet Minister without portfolio ever since the UPA came to power, has been given the charge of the Labour and Employment portfolio.

Sis Ram Ola of the Congress, who was holding the Labour and Employment portfolio so far, has now been given the mines portfolio.

The allotment of a portfolio for Rao also comes on top of pressure applied by the TRS leader for concrete action for creation of a separate Telengana state out of Andhra Pradesh.
The decision for the expansion was taken at a UPA coordination committee meeting last evening.