Why CNN-IBN Survey is so mysterious?


Divided state, united survey?

Surveys are always relative. Sometimes sponsored and saleable like a product. But with due respect to Rajdeep Sardesai and CSDS team, I want to raise few observations on their latest survey. It’s known factor that TDP graph is progressing in Seemandhra, but why the survey kept the prediction for United State? What’s the fate of TDP, BJP and MIM in Telangana? Here is the twist.

1. There is no relevance to a survey based on United state after the state is divided. Any observations and computation to be done separately for two states. It’s mysterious that CSDS chose the other way.

2. The survey gave seat predictions for united state, but vote percentages gave for two states separately. The survey predicted like this: TDP-13-19, Congress-4-8, TRS-4-8, YSRCP- 9-15….there is no mention of BJP or MIM which are sure to win some seats.

Votes prediction is like this(%):


Congress. : 35
TRS. : 34
BJP. : 10
TDP. : 13
Others. : 8


TDP. : 39
YSRCP. : 33
BJP. : 7
Others. : 14

Are they done computation basing on United vote percentages or two states separately? If not why? How come?

3. What is the fate of MIM and BjP in Telangana in pre-poll alliances or post poll alliances?

4. Earlier CSDS hired Samaikyandhra JAC leaders to conduct survey in Telangana. What is the credibility of the team?

5. Why this survey is limited to LokhSabha elections?