Lets awake, save our children!


Nirbhaya, Abhaya, Danish Woman and now Anuhya….

An SMS can save a life!

How many children shall we loose?
How long this beastliness will continue?
Can’t we stop these human tragedies?

Blood boils with anger and it feels even worse..when after so many incidents nothing changes!!!!!!

A change in law would probably make some difference and bring some peace to the country..but do you think India would any day provide that kind of justice!!! Lost hope now!!!

These bastards must be punished with the most wicked and cruel form of death any one could face!!

Keeping aside the anguish..as a father of two daughters I feel responsible for their safety and thought of many alternatives and many measures I or my kids could take when they travel alone..

If we are cautious about a few things without ignoring a single thing even in hurry, it would rescue us and our kids to a great extent.

Most of these dastardly acts were done by auto drivers or cab drivers or bus drivers.
It would be of huge help for themselves if people are cautious about their surroundings and act clever every single time they take a Cab or a private vehicle.

All these vehicles have registration numbers. All the drivers have licences.

Based on this data we can make an arrangement which can prevent or check the crime.

Lets awake, save our children with simple measures:

1. Whenever a girl takes a cab or an auto, she must take a simple measure of SMSing registration number of that vehicle to her nearest friend or relative.

2. Transport authorities must take all measures to have the vehicle registration numbers written inside the vehicle which can be visible to the passenger inside the vehicle.

3. Drivers name of that particular vehicle must also be written along with the registration number for safety. This is in practice in some cities from a long time.

4. There is this android app which stores emergency contacts and when the power button is pressed twice it sends the “I’m danger msg” to all the contacts saved in that app along with the location. It updates the contacts every two min with a new msg. This is VithU app.

But not everyone has android phones so few other things could be done.

5. State Governments must think of launching a toll free number like 108 or 101 so that just a call to that number in emergency can alert the police with the trace of the location from which the call came.


Just try giving a call to the last dialed at least (it doesn’t take a second to click a dial button or touch the screen) and leave the mobile in your bag and scream for help. This would let the other person trace your location properly.

Even after knowing all these things if we don’t follow, it is just our ignorance or carelessness responsible for our fate.

Whatever be the situation all that is important to every person is being cautious of surroundings every minute and every second.

Minimum defence techniques must be known..

Carry a pepper spray every single time you go out.
Target the eyes with your nails..rip them apart!!! The most sensitive part of the body..no one can deal with you when you target their eyes!!!!
All that is important to you is JUST YOU at that time.. Fight for yourself!!!!!

Cause pain to them even before they cause it you..they are just any other bloody bastards who by mistakenly felt into the human category!!! when they can handle us..it isn’t tough for us to kill them back..