Can Chandrababu take all buffaloes and cows of farmers and make them rich?

‘Mr. Chandrababu Naidu himself had specified Rs. 36,000 as his sole income from agriculture in an affidavit filed before the High Court in 1989 while dealing with a petition filed by Mr. P. Changal Reddy, and took the same to Rs. 20 crores in 1994 disclosing his assets before the Legislature Secretary. Could a person increase his income to Rs. 20 crores within five years?’ questioned a TRS leader.

‘By 2009 he projected his income as Rs. 42 Crores. If his and his family properties valued as per market values his worth may cross Rs.100 Crores. If his family share in Heritage Foods to be valued, one can count his original worth’ he summarised the corruption of TDP leader.

‘Can Chandrababu take all buffaloes and cows from farmers and pay Rs. 20 per litre milk and make all farmers rich like him?’ he asked.

‘Why Chandrababu and his cronies barking at KCR’s farm? Chandrababu said ‘vyavasayam dandaga’, but KCR is showing it as a ‘pandaga” he said.