Why Chandra Babu is Crying?

‘Chandra Babu Naidu is crying like a commoner, as if he is losing all his properties’, A senior journalist observed after listening his press meet on Thusrday. If someone gets in to the details of his properties in Hyderabad, one can understand his agony.

1. NTR Trust Bhavan
2. Basavatharakam Cancer Hospital
3. Gandipet Kuteer
4. House in Jubilee Hills
5. Lands in Kondapur
6. Heritage properties in Hyderabad and around Hyderabad
7. Etcetera…

Further he doesn’t have any such valuable properties in future capital of Andhra. Losing political control on Telangana, losing control on Hyderabad, compelling situation to get away from Hyderabad…..are causes of agony.

One can remember the fate of NTR in 1995, who was backstabbed by his own people and lost power. He cried, wept and cursed the then establishment lead by Chandra Babu. That trauma lead to his heart failure and finally to death.

May be Chandra Babu experiencing the same trauma now, but for his own failures. He is losing tempers. Gradually he is shifting towards Samaikyandhra. He is preparing himself to get out of two eyes theory.