Do not believe any survey until de-merger completes

Opinion polls on Andhra Pradesh political situation were too early to take serious. Now the situation is very fluid. Neilson survey was done few weeks back. It’s not fresh one. The politics are fast changing along with the process of state division.

Once the de-merger of state completed a lot will happen in both states. Political polarisation and realignments will take place. There will be completely different picture in two states. Telangana will see the battle between Congress, TRS and BJP. Large scale party crossings will happen in Telangana.

Seemandhra will have multi cornered contests between YSRCP, TDP, Congress and BJP. TDP will strengthen further by encouraging party crossings from Congress and YSRCP, while YSRCP will consolidate its forces. Some of the Congress senior leaders may join in YSRCP. Kiran will end up as a non entity if he leaves Congress.

A sea of change is in offing. To early to predict future of Andhra and Telangana. Surveys in such a situation will not impact division process in any way. Centre have number of surveys on hand already on AP situation.