Seemandhra media spewing venom on Division

‘Samasyalu parishkarichakundaane munduku’- Eenadu
‘Ammathodu addangaa narukuthaa’- TV-9
‘Shara vegamtho vibhajana dishagaa adugulu’- TV-9
‘Aaga meghaalapai vibhajana’…….

This is the rhythm of Seemandhra media since last few days. Is it true that division of State is sudden and fast happening? How many years fought by Telangana people? How many people sacrificed all these years? How long consultations it has taken?

Seemandhra media is heading this cynical campaign and spreading canards on division. While politicians taking back seat these Hegemons taken over the driver seat. Lies and lies, everywhere lies.

Telangana State demand has passed through the all the tests one needs. Got widest political consensus. All possible platforms deliberated on the issue. All the major political parties in the state one time or other agreed to division. No political party thought of giving solutions for Andhra in case of division.

Though Central Government announced its decision to give Telangana in 2009 December 9, all the parties headed by Seemandhra leaders forcibly stopped the process. They dragged the issue to this end and now accuse of ‘division for electoral benefit’ of Congress.

They burned valuable time in blackmailing and stalling the process and now blame Central Government is on fast track.

Any division happened so far is recorded in the history. Decision on capital was left to residuary state in any case. Water and assets will be distributed as per legally and established norms. 371(D) can be continued or discontinued, it will not be a stumbling block in division.