How much land used for Capital facilities in Hyderabad?

Here is some interesting details of our own Capital facilities in Hyderabad:


Assembly premises: 6 acres
Secretariat premises: 22.8 acres
Burgula Bhavan : 8 acres
Ministers Quarters: 22 acres
Old MLA quarters: 7.10 acres
New MLA quarters: 11 acres
CM Camp office: 2 acres
High Court: 15 acres
Jalasoudha: 4 acres
Gagan Vihar, Chandra Vidar: 30 acres
Survey Bhavan: 2 acres
CCLA Buildings: 4 acres
Welfare Bhavan: 10 acres
Transport Bhavan: 18 acres
Excise Bhavan: 1.28 acres
Land Survey : 2.16 acres
DGP Bhavan: 5 acres
Agri. Commissionerate: 1.2 acres
Medical directorate: 15 acres
Child welfare: 10.15 acres
Bus Bhavan: 3.20acres
Endowment Commissionerate: 2.24acres
Directorate Sch. Edn: 3.20 acres
Rajive VidyaMission: 1.20 acres
Board of Intermediate: 1 acre

TOTAL LAND in Use: 225.53 acres

If we add IAS, IPS officers quarters, employees colonies and judges colonies etcetera etcetera, it may come to another 1000 acres. These details are given Namasthe Telangana Daily to understand the demands of Seemandhra leaders. It is interesting to know that all these lands were provided of Government of Hyderabad.