Does Congress have plan B to cheat Telangana?

Is it true that Congress is opening many fronts to postpone or to evade Telangana for now? Is it looking for an escape to postpone Telangana Bill from Winter Session to Budget Session from there to aftermath of next elections? There are enough reasons to feel so..

1. It is learnt that Congress is planning to raise the flag of Rayala Telangana to avoid the capital dispute in new state and also to please MIM. According to some Telangana MLA’s, enquiries were made on behalf of Central Government about possibility of Rayala Telangana. But most of them said no to RT idea.

2. Most important suspicion is that Congress is pushing the Bill to last leg of Winter Session. High Command is intentionally lapsing the valuable time showing various reasons. It is said that Congress has plan B in mind to postpone the Bill to Budget Session in the name of ‘lack of sufficient time. ‘

3. Seemandhra establishment is still confident of stoping Telangana at any stage, quoting inputs from Delhi. They were saying that they have enough support in Delhi to get their job done.

If Congress ventures this strategy at this stage it is going to suffer in both regions irreparably. Rayala Telangana idea will boomerang on Congress itself. This proposal will keep live TDP and YSRCP in both regions.