What did you give to Hyderabad? What did you get from Hyderabad?

Every capital city in the world has grown multiple folds, just not Hyderabad.

Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi cities grew like any cosmopolitan city in India and world.

Hyderabad city’s growth is just on par with any other cosmopolitan city in India, nothing unusual or exceptional.

Hyderabad city’s rank in size of population or area has not changed or increased after Andhra’s migrated here. Once world rank of Hyderabad city was 14, now it is 29th.

By using Hyderabad as your capital, you lost nothing, but you earned everything.

You did not come here to repair or reconstruct Hyderabad, but to live, earn and grow like any citizen of India.

You have not come here to serve Telangana people or to do good for Telangana people, but to make them subservient to you.

You came here with peanuts, but grown like kings and kingdoms.

You are not losing your palaces, your properties, your estates, your business houses or any thing in Hyderabad, except your power in Telangana.

What did you give to Hyderabad? What did you get from Hyderabad? Are you ready to prepare a balance sheet of your gain and loss?

Are you prepared to give away your palace and properties or is Ramoji Rao willing to leave his estate and Hyderabad? Why this nonsense?

My dear Chief Minister a Goebbel cannot match you!