Telangana reflection in Mahaa Bharath

The Purohit sent by King Drupada reached Hastinapura. He met King Dhrutarashtra, Bheeshma, Drona, Krupacharya, and Vidura. Next day while King Dhrutarashtra was in his assembly, to the hearing of one and all, the Purohit spoke thus:

“King Dhrutarashtra and King Pandu are brothers. Pandavas are the sons of Pandu and Suyodhana and his brothers are the sons of Dhrutarashtra. It is settled law that they both have right over their ancestral property.You all know that it is just and proper and righteous.You also know pretty well about their past history. The attempts made by Kouravas to kill pandavas and how all those attempts were foiled. Pandavas performed Rajasooya Yaga and acquired and extended their Kingdom by their strength and prowess. But that Kingdom was grabbed by Suyodhana in dice game, with the approval of King Dhrutarashtra. Not satisfied with that, they dragged Droupadi to the open court and tried to remove her clothes. Pandavas were sent to forest and exile. Now Pandavas have completed their Aranya and Ajnatavasa as agreed. They are now claiming their share in the kingdom.

Now you have to put a word to Dhrutarashtra and see that the Kingdom is divided equally between brothers. Pandavas never intended to be inimical towards Kouravas. But they are not helpless. Now they got 7 akshouhini army strength. You may have 11 akshouhini army strength. The great warrior Bheemasena and Satyaki are equal to 1000 akshouhini army. Who will challenge Arjuna if he is on the warfront with his Gaandeeva? Besides all, Sri Krishna, the embodiment of Dharma is on their side. What else they want?

Therefore, please invite Pandavas, honor them and give their due share of kingdom. It is in the interests of one and all” said the prienst sent by Drupada.

Then Bheeshma rose to his feet and said:

“The Priest said well. It is so fortunate that Sri Krishna and Pandavas are intending to solve this problem peacefully. Though your words are bit harsh, but they are acceptable by one and all.We all know what had happened in this assembly on that fateful day. Pandavas should not be troubled any more. Dhrutarashtra should invite Pandavas, treat them as his sons and give their due share in the kingdom and honour them.Otherwise, all will perish in the flames of anger emanated from Arjuna.” said Bheeshma.

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