The Hindu Nagesh and his loss of memory

‘Ill timed decision eight months before general elections, short circuited or bypassed procedures…..” these are the few observations made by a senior most journalist of an unbiased and broad based newspaper like Hindu.

I think there is no restrictions on Government of India preventing in doing anything before general elections. ”Galloping pace” is also nota new thing. During Punjab division Government of India completed the process of division within four months, i.e, starting in July and completed by November first.

The question is about heart and where we stand? Mr. Nagesh showed his bias many a times, that he is against Telangana. But if he openly vouches for it there won’t be any problem. After all we are championing Telangana, some friends from Seemandhra stood-by Samakyandhra movement. It won’t make a difference.

But he wants to do in a guise. He wishes to bury everything what happened all these years under a packed journalistic appraisal. Conveniently he ignores political accords Telangana issue got from all these ‘objectioneers’.

He did not mind to bury the resolution of Congress Legilature Party, which gave authority to take a final decision on Telanagana during Rosaiah regime. His memory is so short that he didn’t bothered to remind the all party meetings and their outcomes. He became a politician like Chandra Babu and Jaganbabu, in blaming GOM members and sincerity.

He can advocate on behalf of an ill gotten case, but he cannot bury the history of happenings. I am sorry to point out a comrade in profession, but cannot stop my temptation to comment.

(In response to The Hindu oped article by Nagesh Kumar)