Mr. Chandra Babu, Whose son are you?

Chandra Babu Naidu giving different titles to Jagan, Kiran and KCR. He accused them of some body’s sons. But whose son is he? Who owned you or whom do you owned? You have cheated everybody so far.

Neither Telangana nor Seemandhra owns you. You have ditched Left parties and one fine morning joined with BJP. Then you accused BJP of religious and posed as secular. All these years had illicit relations with Congress to fight Jagan.

You have saved Congress government in lieu of legal exclusion. You offered everything to every national party to stop Telangana. When Congress proceeded with Telangana decision, you have sent signals to BJP to ally.

What leader you are? Do you have any principle? Do have any longtime political friend? Can you be called an unscrupulous son of murky politics?

Leaders must grow by age and experience. But tragedy of Chandra Babu is sinking mentally and politically by day in day out.