Time is not always ours, success cannot be taken to the head!

I had seen cinema ‘Attaarintiki Daredi’ on Sunday with my niece. we enjoyed the cinema for its entertainment values. Cinema structured with navarasa’s. Good drama, fights, emotional breaks, tearful scenes and many laughs…gave a good treat for me. Cinema is cinema. Many cinema hero’s are not real life hero’s as per my knowledge. Some are pigmies in their approach to the society.

Some hero’s are inhuman and presume themselves like gods. Very few responds to the social relations and concerns. I was told that Pawan Kalyan is such a person. It’s a successful cinema, may be earning more than what they expected. I had some unexpressed feeling of respect for Pawan Kalyan for his nature and straight forwardness.

But when I saw his press conference on the occasion of Success meet, I felt very bad. Success will give kick, but one cannot take to the head. When you grow, you must behave more humbly. We may succeed now. We may fall some day. We may find enemy in somebody, but enmity cannot be a permanent place in our life. Face the enemy with humility and courage, not with arrogance and recklessness.