Mr. Nayyar, hornets nest must stirred and do away

Seemandhra lobby is now trying to get old conduct certificates of an out dated intellectuals. Sanjay Baru, once media adviser to Prime Minister, when Common Minimum Programme of UPA-1 on Telangana is in consideration, now preaching how Telangana formation is a danger. I do not see any difference between Sanjay Baru, Chandra Babu, Kiran Babu and Lagadapati, in their attitude to Telangana.

Kuldip Nayyar’s is an argument of outdated and has the roots of partition stricken mentality. Kuldip Nayyar need not be taken serious. He is a good old man, who lost logic and reality. Statusquoist. Fear to see a change. He is prompted and pampered by a bad old man in Andhra Pradesh.

When hornets nest became nest of horrors for people, it must be stirred and do away. One cannot preserve the hornet for decades and sleep on it. Only old people who scares to dare a challenge, hides behind the statusquoist arguments.