How Andhra state struggled to come true?

An agreement was reached upon by and between representatives from Rayalaseema and Coastal people of Andhra districts of Madras State on 16.11.1932 to ensure equitable share of resources and power in case of formation of Andhra State. This is called Sribagh agreement.

On 21.4.1938 a resolution was passed in Madras assembly and sent to divide the State on linguistic lines and sent to Delhi but was rejected.

Tanguturi Prakasam was elected as Chief Minister of Madras State in 1946.

One day before declaration of Independence J Nehru stated that name Andhra State would appear in the New Constitution.

In 1948 Dhar committee entrusted with the job of recommending linguistic states has rejected the proposal as unviable.

Later a committee of J Nehru, Patel and Seetaramaih has rejected the proposal of Andhra State on the ground that Rayalaseema people would not accept losing Madras city.

After driving out the British, India was preparing to have its own Government from Delhi. At this juncture one Gentleman called Swamy Seetaram started fasting unto death – Satyagraha in August 1951, for the attainment of Andhra State. Acharya Vinobha Bhave came down and persuaded Swamy Seetaram to call off his fasting assuring him of positive decision soon. Nehru called this incident as ‘Extra constitutional means to achieve Andhra State’.

In the first general elections of free Indian Republic held in 1952 Congress won in the State of Madras. Even though Tamguturi Prakasam had numbers for forming Government Nehru made Rajagopalachari the CM of Madras. Then Rajagopalachari tried to start a Krishna Pennar project to take water to Madras city. Then large scale protests have occurred against the decision of Rajagopalachari.

At this juncture Amarajeevi Sri Potti Sriramulu started a fast unto death on 19th of October in 1952 demanding Separate Statehood for Andhras. Nehru brushed aside calling the demand as Imperialism of Andhras. Rajagopalachari ridiculed it as hoax.

Unfortunately on 53rd day of fasting Sri Potti Sriramulu left this world. Already agitated over Krishna Pernnar project Andrha people broke into severe protests. Ultimately Nehru conceded to the Demand and State of Andhra was forms on October first of 1953.

Hence all reports are not accepted or all reports are not rejected.

Some excerpts of Article BY:Janardhan Prasad D V S