Can Chandra Babu realise now?

Seemandhra needs a leader

Stop changing stands

When bad days are in mistakes rain in. Chandra Babu Naidu doing mistake after mistake. He is not trying to fill the space of opposition, but giving in to his rivals. By accusing Congress that it had understanding with TRS in Telangana, YSRCP in Seemandhra, TDP did not kept any space for it in both regions.

He does not owned by Telangana people nor Seemandhra people. He changed many his stand very frequently. He did not stood by the stand he announced on the day of CWC resolution. He said that he will cooperate with the division and asked for fat package for for construction of new capital.

But he did not withstood the pressure of political storm in Seemandhra. He started to follow the tunes of Congress and YSRCP leaders in Seemandhra. If he continued his pronounced stand of July 30th, he might have been on a different path. He became one of the many in Samaikyandhra champions.

If he chosen an alternative path he might have got some advantage. If he might have assured Andhra people that ‘Let us stop, the buck here. Enough is enough. State is facing this stalemate since last 13 years. If not now, some day it will have to be solved. Let us work together to build Modern Andhra. We have developed Hyderabad, can’t we build our own Capital? I am here with you, the results might have better.

Seemandhra needs a leader who can give confidence and good future. Mockery of Samaikyandhra slogan floated by Congress and YSRCP to be exposed to the maximum extent. Congress and YSRCP are the two parties of the same coin. They are the first proponents of the Telangana cause.