CM on suicidal mission, State is on the path of collapse

Never in the history of Andhra Pradesh, Chief Minister himself lead the movement as a regional leader, against a region. When Andhra is insisting upon merger of Telangana in 1956, Telangana people fought against it. Vishalandhra meetings were attacked by Separate Telangana activists.

But the then Chief Minister of Hyderabad Burgula Ramakrishna Rao humbly obeyed the decision of high command and cooperated with the merger. Even voting was not conducted in Hyderabad Assembly, after five days of discussion. But see how different is our Chief Minister Kirankumar Reddy- he is not only disobeying the high command but also leading the state on ruinous path.

He is resorting to all sorts of undemocratic methods. Instigating violence against his rivals in the guise of Samaikyandhra movement. For the first time in the history of India, power production and distribution systems were targeted to achieve an undemocratic demand.

Vizag, Vizianagaram and other many cities were compelled to die in darkness. Many number of express trains were cancelled due to power shortage. Political activists are freely allowed to enter in to the thermal power stat actions and switch down the production process.

Hospitals suffering a lot. Water pumping stations were closed down. In the guise of Samaikyandhramovement leaders are settling their scores on their rivals. Between Congress groups, between TDP and YSRCP, and also, between Congress versus TDP and YSRCP feuds coming open.

No unity, only competition to score over other. Tragedy is Chief Minister, who is supposed to lead the state and bring the calm, is causing all sorts of harm. Let the state ruin, but he wants to show his anguish at decision on division. He don’t want to be party to division, but don’t want to relinquish his big job. APNGO’s completed seventy days in strike. Offices, schools and colleges were closed down. Ultimately Andhra People are going to big losers.

Not division of state, Seemandhra leaders, Kiran, Jagan and Chandra Babu were doing more damage to their region. They are driving the people to a corner and propagating every sort of cynicism among them which will going to harm the entire political fabric in the region.

Centre must act now. Prime Minister and Home Minister must take lead and open dialogue with agitating forces. They must assuage their fears and apprehensions and instil confidence among the peopl. They must mend the ways of Kiran or send him home.