Centre must wake up and open dialogue with Andhra people

Delay may lead to disaster

Central leadership must take a bold initiative to instil confidence in Seemandhra People. Open dialogue at state level. After so much of developments happened on State’s division, Seemandhra leaders are still lying to their people. They are trying to keep the people in the dark. They are driving the people after unending mirages. Floating the illusion after illusion to cheat the people further.

Saviour becoming, devils advocateK

Every leader, including Chief Minister, who is supposed to be the custodian of people, became a commoner of the state. Opposition leaders Chandra Babu and Jagan Babu were competing with each other to ride on sentiment and to yield maximum crop of people’s anger. Their expression of grief and sorrow are much of action, not from hearts.

The leaders who are supposed to be lead the people are running behind the people or running away from people. Lies and illusions they spread all these days trapped them in a vicious circle. They are unable to come out of it. Further to say they are not willing to come out of it. They are seeing their gains in these lies.

Assure them, there is a world to win
Heavens will not fall, but created

Hence Central leadership must come to the rescue of Seemandhra people. Declare their capital city. Announce an action plan to build an ultra modern capital city. Assure a big package to Seemandhra state to reorganise their new state setup. Give them confidence that the employment opportunities at Hyderabad will not be done away for Seemandhra youth, just because of division.

Thousands of youth from nook and corners of the country were doing their jobs without any hitch in Hyderabad. On the other side one to two lakh crore rupees invest will pumped in to Seemandhra economy, which will generate lakhs of jobs in the region. Define the water share of each region well before the division. A joint command system on Krishna projects created and put in place.

Leaders lose nothing, but people will

But Andhra leaders blinded themselves to the facts out of political reasons and also part of blame game. But for these leaders the people of Seemandhra cannot be put to sufferings. Employees are on the streets since last sixty days. They have no salaries. Schools and colleges were closed. Knowingly they are moving towards disaster. Leaders will have no service breaks or financial losses. But people will have. Students will lose academic year.