Ugly faces of Seemandhra leaders

These Babu’s will not change

Chandra Babu, Jagan Babu, Undavalli Baba…you can take any name…they will not change.

Their body and mind; their pain and gain are with Seemandhra.
They never moved by the movements and pains of Telangana.
They supported Telangana on political compulsion, not by principle or soul.
They are confident of cheating Telangana people at any stage.
They are habituated to manipulation and managing Telangana leaders.
They never be honest to neither Telangana people nor Seemandhra people.

They are living on lies and blatant lies.
Lies will lead to disaster.

Telangana is not a sudden decision

Beginning of Telangana process was not a sudden and unexpected development.

Years of struggles, wide ever political consensus, en number of consultations and meetings, committee reports gave birth to Telangana process.

Seemandhra Congress leaders never envisaged about the measures to be taken in the event of division.

What is that these parties expect?

TDP did not bothered to list the measures to be taken for Andhra people, while taking a stand on Telangana state formation.

YSRCP all these days avoided to tell miseries of Seemandhra people, while expressing its solidarity with Telangana sentiment.

Till today all these parties did not opened their minds to define the equal justice.

These parties never divulged about what they are demanding for Seemandhra. Except dropping plain words, curses and accusations at centre, they don’t bothered to do some concrete and constructive proposals.

Are these leaders know anything about process of States division?

Further you take any states division process, first a principled stand will be taken to divide. Then the constitutional process, formation of group of ministers to address issues arising out of division, then sharing of assets and resources and etc, etc will follow in row.

Knowing all these processes and traditions, consciously, out of political animosity and driven by opportunistic political lines these leaders crying foul.

This is nothing but poverty of leadership. Bankruptcy of principled politics. Offshoot of very bad competitive politics.

Driving to disaster?

If Seemandhra employees and teachers follow these leaders they will lead them to disaster. The damage done by prolonged agitations will be more harmful to Seemandhra than the damage fall by division. It will cripple entire administration and do loss to the region.