Cabinet note on Telangana says Hyderabad will be its capital: sources

Arunima, CNN-IBN | Updated Oct 03, 2013 at 10:54am IST

New Delhi: A Cabinet note on Telangana was prepared on Wednesday night, according to sources. Sources have told CNN-IBN that the note says Hyderabad will be Telangana’s capital. The note leaves the option open for Andhra Pradesh. Sources say that the Cabinet is likely to form a Group of Ministers who will work on the modalities of the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh. Also, the note prepared by the Home Ministry is likely to be circulated.

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy has reacted saying bifurcation will be a loss for the state. He has said, “I believe the Cabinet note is not on the agenda. It may come as a table item. But we will wait for the Cabinet decision. The party may win or lose an election, but the bifurcation will be a big loss for the entire state and all people. There will be a severe power shortage. Naxal movement might see a return. Water distribution will be a problem. Hyderabad is a hub for health facilities and education.”

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