Telangana Formation on fast track

There may many ladders and snakes to reach the goal of Telangana State. Home Ministry, Presidential palace, State legislature…..finally Parliament…Telangana Bill has to pass through all these stages. At any stage, any ill will can eat the valuable time and may halt the state formation. Only blessing for Telangana people is Congress Party’s compulsion. It has to deliver the state or decimated from Andhra Pradesh.

They lost the ground in Andhra region, well before Telangana decision. If Telangana state was not delivered in time, Congress will lose the goodwill generated in Telangana. It has to woke up well before the situation turns in to complicated and ugly. Congress has to move fast, time is running out. October 20th is outer line for its next decisive move.

Jagan in hurry

Jagan is in hurry to jump in Samaikyandhra Movement, become one and only champion. And also he is keeping his options open regarding alliances. He is sending feelers to BJP on one side and taking CPM and MIM names on the other side. Further he is trying to take coercion path on Telangana formation. He seems to be preparing to take on both Congress and TDP politically.

Chandra Babu saffron song

Political canvas of Andhra Pradesh is changing in a fast mode. BJP is become the epicentre of latest changes. TDP supremo Chandra Babu is moving fast his horses to protect the king designated. He wants to prevent any chance of alliance between YSRCP and BJP. Chandra Babu is assuming that only alliance with BJP can save him and his party for some extent. But it won’t be 1999 in any way. TDP stooped to the bottom in both regions. BJP’s votes strength and Narendra Modi’s image cannot garner votes needed to win the combination.