Process on Telangana may be delayed further

Kiran made it difficulty, Congress looking for alternatives

It seems Congress may not take up Telangana issue until setting its own house in order in AP. They find unexpected enemy in Chief Minister Kirankumar Reddy. They did not thought that he will drag the issue to this stage. Now that they realized and started operation to control Kiran and to take a final shot.

High command is angry with Kirankumar Reddy for his utterances and making the solution difficult. ‘If Some leader with a stature, like Kiran or Botsa, have taken a clear stand in support of high command the things in Andhra region might not have become this complicated’ said a leader who is closely associated with high command.

Today’s meeting at Finance Minister Anam Ramanarayana Reddy’s house is an indication of high commands operation. Chiranjeevi, Botsa and many other ministers and leaders attended the meeting and openly pledged their loyalty to high command. ‘We will insist a judicious solution to the problem, but we stand by the high commands decision’ one of the leader who attended the meeting told.

Congress high command has two options in their store. One is to dismiss Mr.Kiran and imposing the President rule in the state. But President may not cooperate for this move as there is no ground for imposing President rule. Second option is to remove Kiran from the seat and install some one who can cooperate with them in the process. Or at least control Kiran by encouraging revolt on him.

May be for these reasons Congress is delaying the process on Telangana. But any delay may cost Congress dearly. Things will be further precipitated. Tensions are growing. Jaganmohan Reddy will not sit keep quiet. Equally Telangana will react violently to his moves. In the mele Congress will be the sufferer in both regions.