The lies Samaikyandhra CM speaks

By Sujai Karampuri

CM says: Patel wanted to combine Telangana with Andhra State to form Andhra Pradesh.

But Patel died in 1950 much before Andhra State was formed (1953) or Andhra Pradesh was formed (1956). He was opposed to formation of states based on linguistic basis – so if he had lived there was a good chance Andhra State would not have been formed in the first place. Telangana would have been saved from the imperialism of Andhras.

CM says: Nagarjuna Sagar Dam was built only because the two regions merged.

But, the plans for Nagarjuna Sagar Dam started in 1905, and the blueprint emerged right after Indian Independence, and the construction work started in 1955 – one year before Andhra Pradesh was formed. So, if ever, Coastal Andhra benefited from the merger because while the farmers of Telangana lost their lands and water, Andhra farmers received all the water.

Where will Telangana get 45,000 crores to build their lift irrigation projects?

But CM forgets that Andhra Pradesh government spent 90,000 crores on Jalayagnam project without even considering if the water was actually available – it is built only for flood water. Most of the canals built for this project are dry. Jalayagnam is now one of the biggest scams in Indian political history. Also, Seemandhras claim most of the revenues are generated in Telangana/Hyderabad. So why would they not have funds?

CM says: Telangana did not get water in the past is because lift irrigation technology was not available.

But the lift irrigation technology has been available in Andhra Pradesh since 1974. It was already being used in Sri Lanka since 1968.