Mr. Chief Minister, down with your ignorance!

He is hurting and riding on the sensibilities of Telangana people. He is threatening Telangana people to live at his terms. He is decrying all democratic norms. He is breathing lies and ignorance. He is spreading canards on the formation of Telangana.

His comments in today’s media conference are atrocious, audacious and utter nonsense. He din’t know history. Ignorant of language. Ignorant of geography. Sardar Vallabhai Patel died in 1950. But he says Patel supported Andhra Pradesh formation. Patel opposed formation of states on the basis of language.

Nehru compared the merger with the marriage and said if Andhra leaders failed to gain the confidence of Telangana people it will end in tragedy. That is what happening today. In united Andhra Pradesh, any facilities were to their end. Telangana was denied its due share of water and projects. That is the main source of discontent of Telangana people.

Mr. Chief Minister, we are ashamed to be your subjects.

But I wish to thank you for your speech, which is enlightening us and encouraging us to fight with more and more commitment.