Process of states formation: Timeline of Andhra State formation

How states formation takes place?

19th October 1952: Potti Sreeramulu started hunger strike for Andhra State with Madras as its capital. Andhra Pathrika reported this news in the third page of its issue.

4th December 1952: Sriramulu hunger strike got the attention of Andhra people.

7th December 1952: Prakasham Panthulu appealed for Andhra State formation.

8th December 1952: Nehru appealed to Potti Sriramaulu to call off hunger strike.

9th December 1952: ‘Andhra State formation will be accelerated if the claim on Madras is not insisted’ Nehru announced in the Lokh Sabha. Rajaji also appealed on the same lines to call off hunger strike.

14th December 1952: Doctors and Leaders from various political parties appealed to Sriramaulu to call off strike.

16th December 1952: Potti Sriramulu died after 58 days of hunger strike.

19 December 1952: Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru announced the division of Madras State and accordingly formation of Andhra State.

26 December 1952: Appointment of Justice Kailashnath Wanchoo Committee to look in to the matters arising out of State division.

4 December 1953: State Government appointed Public Department additional Secretary Venkateshwaran to assist and prepare reports for Wanhhoo Committee consideration.

5 January 1953: Central Home Ministry announced Wanchoo Committee’s terms of reference and asked the committee to submit its report by January 31st.

9 January 1953: Wanchoo announced that he will tour Andhra areas to hear the parties and people during January 19-27th.

7 February 1953: Wanchoo Committee submitted its report to Central Government on specifying sharing of staff and other assets.

31st March 1953: Central Finance Minister announced that Madras State division process started.

3rd July 1953: Madras Government Development Secretary Lobo Prabhu and Madras Designs Engineer Frederic expressed their dissatisfaction about the Kurnool’s capability of providing facilities for Capital. They expressed helplessness to convert Kurnool as capital. On the other side Central Government finalized the Draft bill of Andhra State.

25th July 1953: Madras Assembly Andhra members voted for Kurnool as Capital. Vijayawada got 62 votes and Kurnool 63 votes. But Andhra Pathrika declared it’s a win by cheat. Five Non Andhra members were involved by Neelam Sanjivareddy to get the win for Kurnool. CPI appealed all parties to stand by Vijayawada decision.

27th July 1953: Debates closed in Andhra State Bill in Madras Assembly.

7th August 1953: Central Government indicated that the act will not mention about Kurnool as new states capital. Nehru asked the Andhra legislators to decide their capital.

10 August 1953: Andhra State Reorganization Act proposed in Lokh Sabha. The Bill did not mention the capital name in it.

11 August 1953: Andhra Secretariat files and staff will be sent to Madras in the first week of September. Governor of Andhra will be housed at Ananthapur.

13th August 1953: Debate began on Andhra State Bill. Central Government rejected to send the bill to select committee, as demanded by some members.

31st August 1953: Andhra Secretariat will start functioning in Kurnool from September 25, 1953, Andhra Affairs Special Officer CL Trivedi announced in Madras.

12th September 1953: Andhra State Reorganization Bill was passed by Parliament.

14th September 1953: Goods train with Andhra Secretariat files will start from Madras to Kurnool.

15th September 1953: ‘Dera Capital’ will not continue for a long time in Kurnool, said Bulusu Samba Murthy.

21st September 1953: Prakasham and Neelam Sanjivareddy met Nehru and had discussions on the formation of Government. Police cases raised against Andhra activists at the time of Potti Sreeramulu death were withdrawn.

23rd September 1953: Madras Secretariat staff gave send off to Andhra staff. Sad and moving scenes were seen at Madras Secretariat. Rajaji gave dinner to Andhra Ministers.

24th September 1953: Prakasham accepted to join Congress as co-member and take up the responsibility.

25th September 1953: Madras Government announced October 1st as Andhra State Foundation day. Prakasham resigned from Praja socialist Party.

27th September 1953: ‘I have joined my own party’ announced Prakasham.

28th September 1953: ‘If Congress goes against the earlier resolution on Kurnool, I will resign’ Neelam Sanjivareddy warned.

1st October 1953: Andhra State formed.

2nd October 1953: Prakasham Ministry sworn in by Governor Trivedi.