Many tongues of a fact

CBI is wrong at long back, but it is right in last two years, it is wrong at present, it may right and wrong in the future.

CBI is non partisan and rightful if my rival was targeted, CBI is wrong and biased if they touch me.

CBI officers are right as long as leaking investigation information to us, on our rivals, but it is wrong and influenced by powers if they stopped leaking and closing the case.

The fact is….

CBI is and was a political tool of Central Government, past, present and future, as long as it may not be liberated from Central Government.

Corruption is true…. loot is true…it’s also true that corrupted were prosecuted,
but all corrupted are not prosecuted, selective, politically exclusive people were taken to jail.

But loot is always loot, CBI is always the same.

It’s question of rule books political color, may be its yellow or saffron or tricolor.