Who is victim and who is culprit?

Which movement is what?

Telangana movement is an original thought, where as Samaikyandhra movement is an afterthought.
Telangana fight is a democratic right; Samaikyandhra idea is an abstract feeling.

Telangana movement has long history, where as Samaikyandhra movement is an outcome of it.
Telangana anger is an outburst against hegemony and discrimination, Samaikyandhra anguish is to continue and protect those two malignant.

Telangana movement is run by suppressed and oppressed people, where as Samaikyandhra is a show by oppressors.
Telangana movement is by none other than aggrieved, Samaikyandhra is by aggressor.

Telangana is a victim, where as Samaikyandhra is and was a culprit.