Lagadapati, who dug his own political grave

Cost of lies and cheating

Lagadapati Rajagopal got his share of rejection. Vijayawada Samaikyandhra activists showed their boots to him.
The leaders who cheated the people hiding the agenda of their parties,
the leaders who provoked Samaikyandhra to save their properties and businesses in Hyderabad,
the leaders who propagated lies and blatant lies to mobilize movement,
the leaders who generated unfounded fears and apprehensions in the minds of Andhra youth,
the leaders who promoted false and unjustified claims on Hyderabad,
bounds to face the anger of people here and there.
They have dug their own political graves.
Today Rajagopal, tomorrow Kavuri, day after tomorrow others to follow.
Their political existence will be burnt down.