Cabinet note before PM foreign tour

Who is there to unite?

Cabinet note on Telangana formation may come up before Cabinet meeting on or before September 25th, while Prime Minister is scheduled to leave US on the same day. Preparation of note and its consideration by Home Ministry is a formality.
It is supposed to be prepared by officials in consultation with Home Minister. Cabinet consideration is more important. Highly placed sources in Delhi say that all possibilities are there that before PM leaving to abroad, the note on Telangana will be cleared.

High command is more convinced now that the division is essential and more of in the interest of both regions. The actions and statements of Andhra leaders and happenings in the state established more than enough that the two regions cannot go together any more.

‘The division is such that the Government machinery is completely separated on the lines of region, no one is able to control or convince or carry with them the other. No unification factor or agent or effort seems to be working. At this stage it’s ridiculous to think of a united state’ the source commented.

‘No leader, including Chief Minister, DGP and Cabinet Ministers, is beyond regional politics. They are functioning as regional satraps. How can they demand a united state’ the source questioned.