Andhra patriots and their true colors

Ayya Baboi, Ayyadevara

April 1947: Kaleshwara Rao said they should be prepared to secede (from the Indian Union), if their demands werenot supported by the Congress High Command.

-Narayan Rao K.V., The Emergence of A.P.,Popular Prakashan, Bombay, p82


The Congress met in Bangalore in July 1951 to finalise its election manifesto. Ayyadevara Kaleshwara Rao raised the question of Vishalandhra, Vishala Karnataka,Vishala Maharasthra. Nehru regretted Kaleshwara Rao’s ‘loose talk’ about disintegration of Hyderabad, and warned him that if he continued to talk like that he might not get even the Andhra province. Kaleshwara Rao informed Nehru that he would not press for Vishalandhra. He resigned from the Congress, contested the elections as an independent on the Andhra Province issue and lost. Sometime later he was admitted to the Congress at his own request.

-Narayan Rao K.V., The Emergence of A.P., Popular Prakashan, Bombay