Congress is nothing to lose, but get Telangana

Congress lost the battle to YSRCP in Seemandhra, much before T decision

If Congress moves ahead on Telangana, it will lose nothing in Andhra, but it will get Telangana. Seemandhra Congress Central Ministers and MPs threat is nothing but a last minute ditch to stop Telangana. They lost the ground to YSRCP much before Telangana decision announcement.

There is nothing to assure the High Command in Seemandhra. They cannot win a seat or two, if Centre hold the decision on Telangana at this stage. The pity of Kiran Reddy and Seemandhra Co was that they cannot win even deposits in some constituencies in 17 constituencies bye elections. They were routed like never before.

If they can stop T decision also they won’t survive politically. They lost their political locus standi. They were exposed as bunch of liars and opportunists. They believe in no values or democratic traditions. They have no loyalties. Their loyalty is always to their business interests, not to parties.

Seemandhra leaders think that they can manage, manipulate, purchase and subvert any democratic processes. politics means business for them. If Centre heeds to these big manipulators, democratic polity in Telangana will be main casualty.

Any mischief on the part of Congress High Command will cost it dearly in Telangana. Day after day people in Telangana are becoming restive and seeing the delay in the process as denying the Telangana.

Congress may not get the fruits, which it wanted to reap from Telangana process. It may end up as the party of neither Telangana nor Seemandhra. Telangana and Seemandhra will close the curtains for Congress for ever.