Impossible for anyone to be Unbiased

No ideologies. No political commitments. No principles of democracy. Non party affiliations. No one stands by declared policy. Only regional bias. Only one commitment. Its true by either side of regions. But there is a fundamental difference, one must understand.

The age of Telangana demand is very old, as the demand for United Andhra is new, recent, an after thought of opportunist politicians. Telangana demand has long history. Every political party sworn by it. First Congress, BJP, then TRS, CPI, latter PRP, followed by TDP, finally YSRCP…every political party supported Telangana demand.

Most of the intellectuals, writers, poets of all regions pledged their supported for Telangana cause. After a long fight, sacrifices, tragedies and many ups and downs, decks were cleared for Telangana state formation.

But every political party, every politician from Seemandhra changed their stand and became the patriots of new found demand. One can understand the opportunism of political parties. But so called intellectuals sworn by Marxism or some other ideology swayed away by just regional biases, without minding issue genuineness or history.

Wondered to see people like Dr Mithra, who has once drafted PRP election manifesto, which sworn by Telangana, Vangapandu and Sathyavani etc., on the dias. APNGO leaders and other employee representatives established Telangana cause more than ever.

Their claims on Hyderabad, justified Telangana demand further. Everybody tried to tell that they cannot exist without Hyderabad and how they are dependent on Hyderabad. By saying that they also established that how they are exploiting the region and its opportunities. They have established division more than enough, just representing 13 districts. Now they are fighting for our cause.

Nothing to worry. No need of supreme sacrifice. Just show exemplary boldness, whenever Telangana is fighting for its existence, like Constable Srinivas, Actvist Chandra Shekar, Srisailam and Balraj etc.