How Vijayawada -Guntur lost a chance of glory?

How Congress people ditched Vijayawada?
How Neelam Sanjiva Reddy conspired to grab Capital?

When the Andhra State formation bill referred to Madras State assembly, there was a division on it. Communist members proposed an amendment to the bill, changing the capital from Kurnool to Vijayawda-Guntur. But that was defeated by Congress with the support of five non- Andhra members.

Communists amendment got the majority Andhra members support, where as Congress opposed it with the support of non Andhra members. Communist amendment got the support of 61 members out of 119 Andhra members.

Andhra Pathrika wrote a detailed editorial in support of Communists amendment and its victory. Here are the clippings of first page and editorial page of Andhra Pathrika 26th July 1953 issue: