UT means Un Tenable

It’s more than denying Telangana

Hyderabad cannot survive without Telangana, nor Telangana without Hyderabad. Any move to make Hyderabad, a Union Territory is counterproductive, untenable and politically disastrous for Congress. It will give more pain, more heart burn to the people of Telangana, than denying Telangana state.

What happened in 1953? How they fought?

They failed to find a suitable city, which can house a capital when they divided from Madras. They quarrelled on capital city. Neelam Sanjivareddy with the help of Andhra Brahmin political establishment like Prakasham Panthulu, brokered for Kurnool. Many of Seema leaders opposed Kurnool as capital.

Communist Party proposed Vijayawada as capital. Vavilala Gopala Krishnaiah proposed the capital between Vijayawada and Guntur in 1953 itself. Some leaders asked for Tirupathi as capital. There are some other representations recommending Thirupathi as union territory. Main fight was between Vijayawada and Kurnool.

But to avoid Communist and Kamma domination, all other forces, which were then representing the feudal, reactionary and statusquoist sections of Andhra, united to defeat the resolution on Vijayawada as capital. Finally voted for Kurnool. But suffered a lot in Kurnool. Tented capital cannot survived. Officials protested to work there. ZP hall made assembly hall, which is like a touring talkies.

How they united and grabbed Hyderabad?

Then they eyed on Hyderabad, Vishalandhra bogey was brought to Hyderabad. Here in Telangana, some not so clever Brahmin intellectuals and politicians fell into the trap thrown by Vishalandhravadis of Andhra. Communists, who are dominating in Telangana then, with their slogan ‘Vishalandhralo Prajarajyam’ supported the united state.

Irony is that these forces who fought against each other in Andhra over capital issue, joined hands to realise Vishalandhra.

Then they came as a guests, they assured many, ditched many, grabbed Hyderabad geopolitically and finally claiming ownership on Hyderabad.

What is meant by ‘Ten Districts’ Telangana?

Congress Working Committee passed a resolution to form the Telangana State with Ten Districts, which means including Hyderabad. The official leaks coming out of Home Ministry are contradictory to the resolution. Is it a ploy to down the tempers in Seemandhra or an escape to deny Telangana, by making difficulty?

Digvijay Singh said earlier that there is no such proposal. He told that only in terms of law and order Delhi like arrangements will be considered. If it is so there is nothing to worry. But if it is clear UT status, it’s a devilish move. now the game has been started. Nobody knows where it ends?

UT is untenable and unviable

Union territory is untenable, unviable and unreachable. It’s not solution. It’s like creating further problems. Continuing the uncertainty indefinitely. Throwing the city on burner for permanently.

1. Logistically it’s not useful to Seemandhra people.

2. Drinking Water for Hyderabad has to come from Medak, Nalgonda and Karimnagar Districts.

3. Andhra people will be losing another historical opportunity to develop their own modern capital city.

4.For Telangana people, its taking away their heart and denying their rights on their own city.

5. Its creating bad blood among the people of the two regions who are living in the twin cities.

And so on…..