Taking cue from Wanchoo, what is to be done?

By TLNReddy

What Justice Wanchoo recommended then makes lot of sense even now in
the light of the “agitation” by Seemandhras? The following are some of the things the Govt of India can do, taking cue from the Wanchoo Report.

1. Declare a city or town in Seemandhra as a temporary capital and shift certain essential parts of the govt of Seemandhra to that city or town. These essential parts are Governor, the Legislature, the Ministers, the Secretariat, DGP office, etc. Visakhapatnam city has all the paraphernalia, logistics and structures/buildings to house a temporary capital straight away – even a permanent capital.

There is no point for Seemandhras to argue that the capital city is too far away. Location of Chennai is on the northern tip of Tamilnadu, which is more than 700 kms from Kanyakumari, location of Mumbai is on the sea shore on the west coast in Maharashtra, which is more than a thousand kilometres from Gadchiroli town, location of Bangalore is almost on the south-eastern part of Karnataka, which is almost 900 kms from Bidar. The people in these states do not face any problems to go/commute to their capital cities. Why should Seemandhras have any problem if the capital city is a bit far away. Are not people from Srikakulam and Chittoor districts coming to Hyderabad now with out any problem?

2. Give 3 to 5 years for the Seemandhra state to build a permanent capital, while they operate from temporary capital.

If still the Seemandhra govt wants to continue in Hyderabad temporarily (in joint capital) then the following can be thought of:

1. The Govt of India should make it very clear that jurisdiction over the city of Hyderabad in all matters rests in the residuary state (Telangana) only.

2. The Govt of new state (Seemandhra) will be merely guests or tenants in Hyderabad.

3. The Governor of the new state (Andhra) will be outside his jurisdiction, hence he will rank below the Governor of the residuary state (Telangana) at all times, as long as the Andhra Govt headquarters is in Hyderabad.

Please click on the attachment below which contains some excerpts of Justice KN Wanchoo Report (Inquiry into financial and other implications relating to the creation of the new Andhra state, 1952 – Report).