Dear Hegemons, we presume our people are not your people!

When our people crying for justice and fighting for their fair share, you banned our existence and our heart beat the word ‘Telangana’.

When our people rallying in the streets, fighting the barricades and encountered with tear gas shells, you did not find time to express support to them.

When our children jumped in to fires, hanged in Raj path, rammed in to running trains you did not moved a second.

When our employees continued their historical 42 day strike, you did not spend a day to express your solidarity with them.

When people of Telangana struggling to regain their self respect, you ignored to remind the Telugu pride and doing Yatras.

Hence dear Hegemons, We presume

Our people are not your people

Our struggles and sorrows are not yours

Our tears are not yours

Our people are not part of Telugu people

Our people have no pride at all

Our region is not your region

Our political existence is not your existence


Our people feel that you are not our people! You are not our leaders!